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Communication, marketing, graphic, web&media design, e-commerce for your projects, your startup, your brand.


Implementation, consulting, manage of BIM process at 360° for your projects, clients, offices.


Make live your BIM model and control its life in real-time! Its simply, fast and growing in time. Its the future in AEC market!

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Does your project need to follow a BIM process?
Are you ready to switch to the BIM?
Ubim does it with you and teach you how to do it!


Do you have a BIM project, but must be engineered? Does your team needs a specialist or thematic advice?
Choose Ubim for structure, MEP, BOQ, construction and everything will smooth smoothly!


Your projects, your construction company, your real estate agency needs of integrated communication for better presentation to clients.
Ubrand takes away the thought


Do you have one or more building to manage? With Ufm Checker will have a live and growing in time BIM model, with sustainable costs over time, to make your best facility management!


Its our keyword.
Our team will be your new and big team
in office, in construction field, in outsourcing.
Follow your projects at 360°!

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Our thematic staffs will be always ready for you in your office or online for the best project management. One tutor will coordinate the projects directly with you and clients 24/7.


We have the best software platforms available on the office and in the cloud as well as hardware that is suitable for every kind of job.


One of our musts! Efficiency and control analysis mining more security for our clients! Our teams are formed with advanced problem solving to respond with calm and security to every possible problem at each stage of the job.


All our offers are dynamic, developable in progress and fully available to the customer. All of our services are individually efficient and can be formulated to form packages that are useful to handle a 360° deal.






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Why Us?

Here's an example of complex multi-service order to help you understand better how we can work for you. Follow the tabs!

Architecture BIM

Take part in a design competition for a new tourist village in a fantastic seaside resort. A series of houses, the design of the common areas, catering, a cinema/congress center, the garden project.

Since the versioning phase, our UBIM BIMarch team will support the design studio in the implementation of the BIM process and model management. For the architectural industry we can take care of:

  • Conceptual BIM modelling and versioning in preliminar phase.
  • Architecture BIM modelling in final phase, implementation of right project LOD, manage of the layouts, energy simulations ans analysis, implementation of material and object libraries, clash detection.
  • Detailing BIM modelling for construction with high LOD, model of the objects/furnitures from catalogs, shop drawings, print layouts for field, timing (4D) and budgeting (5D) simulations.
  • Architecture BIM Coordination, consulting over BIM implementation process, teamworking, HR management, hardware and software solutions.

Engineering BIM

Since the concept phase, our UBIM BIMeng team will be available for the structural and plant engineering of the entire project. We will deal with the management and implementation of specialized models and their integration in the federated file, which will be the subject of clash detection in the architectural model. Team and share working are our musts for the success of each project.

We can also partner with your team of engineers, who will remain the project's responsibility, with our specialists and our hardware and software platforms. For the engineering industry we can take care of:

  • Structural and MEP BIM modelling in concept phase for project feasibility analysis over versioning proposed to the client.
  • Structural and MEP BIM modelling in final phase, with analisys e simulations, clash detection, report of materials, BOM and preliminar budgeting.
  • Management of the structural and MEP models over high LOD, shop drawings, print layouts for field, timing (4D) and budgeting (5D) simulations.
  • Facades, acustic and thermal design.
  • Structural and MEP BIM Coordination, consulting over BIM implementation process, teamworking, HR management, hardware and software solutions.

Communication & Marketing

The project from the early stages of conceptual design needs a series of marketing and communication initiatives. Starting from the first meetings with the client, from official and institutional presentations to advertising on the press and web for project sales, our UBRAND team can follow all the communication phases of the project.

But the integrated communication of the engineering, construction companies, real estate agencies is part of an integrated vision of the project. With UBRAND we deal with:

  • Templates, masterplans, photorealistic renders, video presentations, web and social design, exhibition design and viral marketing of individual projects.
  • Integrated communication, print, web, social marketing, portfolio design for technical studies and architecture and engineering companies, but also for construction companies and plant services, real estate agencies, property management companies.
  • Startup design, brand and re-branding, e-commerce design and management.
  • Graphic business analytics, reporting, editing and printing of book and ebook for AEC industry and non, blog management and editing, content management and creative writing, business storytelling, design and management of corporate press offices.

BIM for Facility Management

The constructions is now closed, thanks to the BIM process there have been no variants, the site management has been efficient, fast and economical. With UBrand's services the village project has been widely publicized before and during the construction phase. The most tangible result is that the village is already known and has created a lot of tamtam on the social for the inauguration evening, which will be a great opportunity for lead generation.

But now, thanks to federated BIM model, the village can be managed quickly and easily! UFM team will handle the facility management system with:

  • The implementation of the templates in a user friendly viewer and well-connected to the various functions of the federated model.
  • Creating a users to be assigned to the administrator, the manager of the common spaces, the manager of dummies and sales, the technicians and maintainers.
  • Everyone can interact with the entire model with the help of a tablet or smartphone in full mobility, communicate with each other and manage system alerts and alarms quickly and easily.
  • All the users in the village will have a home automation system of alerts and notifications useful to communicate in real-time with the administration.

UFm and UBim teams are also specialists in BIM restitution of existing and historical buildings from old projects or even directly from a 3D scanning pad for virtualization of facility management facilities.

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